Monday, January 25, 2016

I believe i can fly, prove it.

These events allow us to dare to  change. To practice and cultivate the smallest of habits. To begin the process of changing life-long behaviours. This is intense, difficult, harrowing. The value is not delivered in the initial moments, but in the continued practice. With the right people around you, it can be possible to accomplish the impossible.
Do not go back into your old habits, call, message, reach out to those who were with you at the event. Ping them with good words, reinforce the baby habits you've begun to implement.
Be the change for those friends you made, or became closer to during the event. In helping them, and keeping them accountable, you reinforce youre own new habits.
Stand up scream "yes" when old habits begin to creep in. Remember, recall the night with Joeseph. Make that replay on your minds eye big bright full color. Remember the smells and sound of it, the smiling face and poses, the fist squeezes the sound of everyone shouting yes at the same time in unison.

Dont let a day go by without talking to someone who was there and discuss how youre implementing your change. How you are moving forward. This gives others permission to seek out their own greatness. To go out into their life and make the changes they want. The actions youre taking to succeed may be just the thing they need to hear to be able to move forward.

Remember also to give yourself grace. Unmerited favor. Drop the judging of your failures, shortcomings along the way.
Forgive yourself, begin fresh towards your goal.
Learn from the mistakes, change your thoughts and words around them. Ask better questions.
Failure is just finding another way that doeant work. An opportunity to learn a lesson.
A springboard for future success. A chance for feedback.
Get counsel from others about it so you can get advice to give you a plan of action.
It may even be best to change the word failure and insert the word feedback. Because that is what a failure is, live feedback of your line of choices, and actions leading up to it.
Feedback and sucess both come out of your choices. Feedback comes until you learn the lessons and apply the new knowledge and take action. As you apply and take action you get new feedback, and then you apply the next knowledge till you are seeing success as your feedback.
Its similar to finding the event venue, getting lost in town, or inside the location. As you try to find the correct ballroom or restaurant at lunch, or where you parked. I found many ways that didnt lead back to the car. I found a beautiful outside area with vineyard, birds, sunlight, a pool, water features. I found the food court, and several other places. I never entertained the idea of giving up. I looked for familiar places, land marks, repeated the paths i knew, added landmarks, looked at the site map. I even "gasp" reached out and asked for information from a person. :P

This weekend was important for me. A big take away that Mark and i discussed was the idea to speak about ourselves in the future tense. Like the slack line where you pick a focus point and move toward it. Where your attention goes your energy flows.
If you focus on your past, faults or mistakes. You reinforce them. As though youre asking for them to continually exist as your reality. As Joseph said your mind doesnt know the difference, what you tell it it believes and your body makes it real.
So speak and think of yourself in the terms of who you want to be, who you are becoming.
Focus on who you will be, and your body will make it real, the universe and God will honor the faith you activate in this.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things unseen.
Create your reality.
This is why your story matters so much. The story you tell yourself, and anyone who will listen. I am not who i was, i am not the choices i made, i am not the mistakes, failures or any other thing ive mistakenly ascribed to myself in times past.
And neither are you.
We are all powerful beyond measure. Every person in this world has greatness inside of them. Yes, every person. Even the bozos jerks etc. They just dont believe it, and at times neither have we.
Give them grace too. Forgive them. Love them. See that greatness in them and treat them accordingly. When someone cant see their own worth, and value they are trapped. You have the awesome opportunity to be the one to open the door and let the light shine upon them. You will give them releif from the hell that they are trapped in. As they get some relief the greatness inside them will begin to shine out of them. They wil begin to see the greatness too. When that happens they begin to step into that greatness. A few positive undeserved words to a person trapped in the self imposed hell could change the entire world.

Why do i say these things? My history is that of a person who has been trapped in a hell of his own making. The chains and darkness of negative words placed upon me by others then reinforced by my own thoughts, words. My belief in the lies told to me by others who were trapped before me by others who were trapped etc etc back maybe centuries back, kept me in darkness.
You may have noticed how quiet, reserved, and unwilling to be touched i was. The love and kind words shed light upon me, strengthened me. Still does, inspires me, opens my heart.
Not only do each and every one of you have greatness within, you each FREEKING ROCK.

You are worthy of success.
You are capable of achievement.
You have the ability to succeed.
You are valuable.
 You have do MUCH to offer the world.
You are stronger than you know.
Your ability exceeds your belief.

I am a cheer leader, i am a guy who wants to see you all at your best.
Inspire the best in others and you will be so filled up by the light and love that returns back to you.

I used to be a lonely, sad person. I used to fall into depressed states of mood. I used to speak negatively about myself. I used to be fearful, and afraid. I used to fear being open. I used to fear being myself, facing rejection, succeeding. I used to fear success, because i knew it meant change, becoming better.
Without support or love from others all i used to know was to hide and fall into anxieties.
I used to mask my feelings, numb my emotions till i was cold, dark, empty. I used to be miserable. I am no longer any of those things. I no longer live that way. I am powerful beyond measure. I live in love with life, and all those around me because they are just as valuable, special and filled with greatness as i am.

I have changed the way i speak about myself. As i continue to do this i am giving you all the permission to do it too. Permssion to love yourself and to see the balue and greatmess in others. Permission to speak that love into other peoples lives.
You have the greatest opportunity ever just by speaking love into others lives. Do this, you will change the world and find that you no longer have any needs.

Psalm 23. Golden rule, love others as yourself. So love yourself. Perfect love casts out all fear.