Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gains lost?...

Gains Lost?...

So over a two week period 11.1.15 to11.14.15 I had been using keto os and doing my now typical zc woe. No extra exercise or activities. My body shed 6 pounds of fat, gained 2 pounds of lean mass, and only moved about 5 pounds on the scale.

So after a series of events and side tracks socially. What with thanksgiving and all the fun that can bring... I havnt been blogging. My mind has been living in a fantasy world built by assumptions, hopes, dreams. Had a bit of a false start with a young lady friend of mine.
This has led to some evaluation of goals, dreams, plans for the future, and what the heck do i want in my life. Where do i want to be?
The one constant has been my way of eating and my supplement use. I would hate to of had to go through the last couple months without ketones. The mood boosting, craving crushing aspect of the ketones gave me tools to stave off binges that would otherwise send me spiraling.

My current load out of supplements consists of the following, as seen in the pic above.

  •  Exogenous ketone supplement provides a theraputic level of ketones in the blood for 3-4 hours after ingestion. The mct oil powder in the exo ketones also encourages the body to produce its own ketones.

Bcaa's - branched chain amino acids with electrolytes. To add some salts to my ketogenic woe, especially during my heavier work days unloading semi trailers by hand.

Salt - replace salt :P

Potassium- electrolyte replacement.

ZMA- zinc magnesium aspartate. Better sleep, recovery, sexual function, and with this brand testosterone boost.